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Expanding Public Charging Infrastructure

SMUD Expansion of EV Charging


SMUD, continuing as an innovative community leader, is helping to increase PEV Adoption. They are improving "Range Confidence” by expanding charging infrastructure at key locations. Two expansions include:


Site 1: SMUD Site

*The site will have 15 Level 1 with J1772 plugs, four Level 2 with J1772, plus a dual Fast Charging unit with both CHAdeMO and CCS plugs

*The SMUD dual fast charging unit went operational on March 27, 2014. The fast charger will have a fee of $0.22/kWh, while the L1 & L2 are free.

*The fast charger will have a time limit of 1 hour, with no time limits on the other chargers.


Site 2: Sacramento Airport (near AM/PM Station)

*The Site will have one Level 1 with J1772 plug, one Level 2 with J1772 plug, and a dual Fast Charging unit with both CHAdeMO and CCS plugs.

*Operations began in late 2014.

*L1 will be free, while the L2 will be at competitive rates. The fast charger will have a fee of $0.22/kWh.


Plans are included in this article.

Improve Sacramento International Airport Parking Chargers


The chargers at the Sacramento International Airport have become very congested. Old paddle EVSEs are still on site and need to be upgraded. SacEV has recommended to Sacramento County that the paddle chargers on garage levels 1 through 5 (and perhaps level 6) be converted to Level One J1772 plugs, since long-term charging while parking can be handled quite well with lower power requirements. L2 chargers are not necessary when cars are parked for days.


Additional locations, with L1, L2, and DC fast chargers, planned by SMUD:

*SMUD HQ, 6151 S St Sacramento, CA  95817

*Sacramento Airport, Crossfield Dr, Sacramento, CA  95837   (cell lot)

*Hwy 99 & Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, CA

*I-80 & Antelope Road, Citrus Heights, CA

*Sutter Street, Folsom, CA

*J Street @ Sutter Hospital, Sacramento, CA

*Zinfandel & Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA

*California State Capitol, Sacramento, CA  95814

*49er Travel Plaza, 2828 El Centro Rd, Sacramento, CA  95833

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