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Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association


Who Are We?

SacEV, is THE source for all things Electric Vehicle related in the Sacramento Region.


SacEV is a chapter of the national nonprofit Electric Auto Association, advocating for Electric Vehicles and growth of regional EV supporting infrastructure.


SacEV Informational Slideshow



Advocate for the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles in the greater Sacramento region.

°  For our members: Act as a centralized information source and be a regional advocate for owners on PEV technology, infrastructure, and provide special events.

°  For the public/government: Promote, advocate, and educate on PEV availability, uses, and vehicle alternatives, including infrastructure, benefits, and legislation.

°  For youth: Provide PEV educational resources, including lesson plans, displays, and advisors.


What Dealers & Government have said about SacEV Events


    •    Nissan Dealer: "The (Plug In Day) turnout was great.  It really was.  Whatever SacEV did for the turnout it was spot on.  It was spot on.  A turn out with the right kind of people came.  People that were truly interested in the car.  They wanted the pressure free time to learn about the car.  And it showed by the people that came into the dealership afterwards to get the other half of the story – pricing, what it takes to own the vehicle.  Most had already found out from the event whether the car would fit their lifestyle."

    •    Sacramento Air Quality District: "SacEV’s advocacy efforts on behalf of PEV in the Sacramento Region have been nothing short of amazing. The workshops, exhibits, ride and drive events, meeting participation, program development efforts, flyers and displays produced have played an essential role in the effort to accelerate the introduction of PEVs. The level of cooperation that the Sacramento Air District has had with SacEV has been outstanding and I know this is also true of the work that SacEV has done with both SACOG and TakeCharge, the regional PEV collaborative group. I commend SacEV for the outstanding work that you do.


    •    Chevy Sales Rep: “We had 3 salesmen with 3 different Volts.  Going to the (Plug In Day) event, I knew a little bit about the Volt, speaking with Volt owners there I learned a lot more then and there.  I personally provided over 50 test drives at the event and I spoke with all those test drivers who didn’t know anything about the Volt.  The next day I sold 3 of them due to the event.”

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