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Plug In America Used Electric Vehicle Buyers Guide


Looking to buy a used car? Why not consider a used electric vehicle (EV)? With more used all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles permeating the market than ever before, consumers have amazing opportunities to purchase a clean vehicle at a very reasonable price.


The potential to save money on fuel and maintenance is a strong draw for people everywhere. However, buying a used electric vehicle is not exactly the same as buying a used internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle.

To help make your purchase of a used EV easier, Plug In America recently released the Used EV Buyer’s Guide (PDF).  The guide instructs the consumer on what to look for with a used EV. The biggest concern will be the health of the battery. However, even with a decreased battery capacity in a used EV, a battery range of 75 miles may still be plenty for drivers with access to either home or workplace charging.


Just like buying an internal combustion engine car, research is key. There are pros and cons to buying a used EV from either a certified pre-owned dealer or from a private seller. Consumers should carefully assess all of their options.

The guide also includes information on available incentives for a used electric vehicle purchase. Plug In America will continue to update these incentives as they change. Many utilities around the country offer a rebate for the purchase of a used EV.

One helpful tip from Lynn W. is to calculate your driving habits, including commute, errands, and weekend fun. Your need for a battery with extended range and Level 2 charging may not be as great as you think!

Check this website for a list of EV-specialized used car dealers around the country!



If you know of other used EV dealerships, please contact

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