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Work Hard and Charge Easy Program and Resources

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Increasing access to EV charging will no doubt grow the adoption of these clean vehicles. As EV drivers, we know that the majority of EV charging (nearly 80%) occurs where EV drivers are spending their time: at home and at the workplace. If a consumer does not have access to home charging, the ability to charge at the workplace becomes a major consideration in the purchase of an EV. In fact, access to EV charging at the workplace increases adoption of EVs by a factor of six.

What is workplace charging?

Workplace charging means providing access to a Level 1, Level 2 or DC Fast Charging station at the workplace. Depending on the parking layout at the workplace, this could be as easy as providing access to an outside 120V outlet along the building exterior or, for a large workplace, installing a combination of charging stations.

CalCap Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program (Program has Ended)

The goal of the CalCAP Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program is to expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations installed by small businesses in California.

Millions of consumers in the state do not buy zero emissions electric vehicles because these vehicles have an average range of 80-100 miles and there is a dearth of charging stations. This $2 million financing program provides incentives to small business owners and landlords to install electric vehicle charging stations for employees, clients and tenants.

The program is funded through the California Energy Commission.

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