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Donate to Improve Your Life 

We have a tremendous amount of passionate volunteer labor, and it doesn't take much to enable and unleash that energy, but it does take some. Contributing $20, $50 or $100 is incrediably impactful on our organization, such as buying the material for a sign, feather flag, brochure production, etc.


Think of how much you spent on an electric vehicle. Just a small fraction of that can empower the EAA and SacEV to improve the environment and infrastructure in which you operate your car.


And it so easy to contribute. Simply go the the national EAA donation site to give in SacEV's name.


While you're on the EAA site, and if you haven't joined, sign up now for the national EAA membership. For $35 a year, you're supportng a great organization that makes headway on the national level and receive the monthly magazine, CurrentEVents. On top of that, $20 of the $35 also is directed back to SacEV.

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