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Joining the SacEV Newslist

Click on the SacEV Google newslist link HERE


Click on Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association text

At the top after *Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association  click Join group

Enter your name and how you want to receive your subscription as “every new message”, “digest”, etc.

Then click “join group” at the bottom of the pop-up box.

Welcome to the SacEV world. By joining the SacEV Newslist, you will be able to send messages to our membership about EV questions. Postings to this newslist are held for moderation, pending approval for membership.

SacEV, as a chapter of the national nonprofit Electric Auto Association, is an organization of volunteers advocating for Electric Vehicles and growth of regional EV supporting infrastructure.


How can we help you?

SacEV can help make your EV experience a great one, and even better one in the future. Here are some of the ways:

  • LinkedIn Group - SacEV also maintains a LinkedIn presence with regional, national, and worldwide EV news. Check us out at

  • EV community - SacEV can be your access point to meet and interact with other EV drivers who hold a wealth of knowledge and experience, some of whom have been driving EVs since the 80s.

  • Action - Like your EV and want to help spread the word? SacEV organizes show and tell events, EV meetups, and ride and drive activities.

  • Excursions - SacEV organizes periodic excursions to interesting points such as Wind Farms, California ISO, Pavement Research Center (believe it or not, this turned out to be very popular), EV Factories, and trips behind the scenes in Dealership EV maintenance bays.

  • Future - SacEV is working towards improving the EV supporting infrastructure (chargers, parking, accessibility, etc.).


Please consider additionally joining the national Electric Auto Association. You can join the national association at a nominal cost, while simultaneously joining our local chapter, and help make the world an EVen better place. For $35 a year, members receive:

  • Monthly issues of CurrentEVents blog

  • Financial support to our chapter to help encourage adoption of EVs in the region

  • Financial support to the national EAA organization to promote national EA adoption, ownership and legislation.

  • Special drawings and awards

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