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Connects to an Electric Vehicle Battery and supplies 110V/60Hz AC electricity to your home during power outages.

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Recharging: Plug in the CS1000 using the provided adaptor when power is available or use our convenient portable Solar Panels when the grid is down.


Outputs: Two 110Volt, 60 Hertz pure sine wave AC outlets,  four 12 volt DC outputs, and four USB outputs.


Appliances to Power: The CS1000 can power almost anything under 1000W. Maximum continuous output is 1000W, with surge power up to 2000W. No more worries about power outages. Can power smart phones, laptops, cameras, lights, TVs, fans, drones, refrigerators, and other devices.


Operational Time:

125 hours--Typical A19 LED lamp (8W, 800 lumens)

33 hours  --Four Rooms Lighting (28W)

12 hours  --TV (80w)

24 hours  --Most Energy Star refrigerators

15 hours  --Fans (60W)

60 times  --Charge Smart Phones (2915 mAh)

28 times  --Charge a Drone (4480mAh)

14 times  --Charge a Tablet (11560mAh)

12 times  --Charge a Laptop (75w)


Portable Solar Panel: You can use the solar panel to recharge the battery in the generator at the same time you are using it run an application. The actual times could then be much longer, depending on how much recharge is needed and power required for the application.



                 California Sunlight Corporation

                 3791 Power Inn Road

                 Sacramento, CA   95826


Call:           (866) 675-3548.



California DGS Certified SB #1785194

California Sunlight EV-733 Home Lifeline

Lithium Ion Battery Backup for Power Outages, connects to your EV

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