State & Utility Regional Business EV Charging Incentives

California Capital Access Program (CalPAC)

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Financing Program

    •    Offers loans that can be used for the design, development, purchase and installation of EV charging stations at small business locations in California
    •    Participants are eligible for a rebate that is equal to 10-15% of loan amount


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PG&E Electric Vehicle Charge Network

   •    Three-year program, starting January 2018, to install 7,500 EV charging stations at multiunit dwellings and workplaces, in PG&E territory
    •    PG&E will pay for, own, maintain and coordinate construction of “make-ready” infrastructure from the transformer to the parking spot (up to 60-80% of total cost).
    •    Additionally, a portion of the equipment will be paid for by PG&E.
    •    Participants can choose to own the EV charger or have PG&E own it. PG&E pays for infrastructure regardless of which option participant chooses.
    •    Participant can define access to EV chargers, making them available to the employees, fleet vehicles, or public.
    •    Minimum of 10 EV parking spaces per site.


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SMUD Commercial Electric Charger Incentive Program

   •    Offers a $1,500 rebate for each EVSE charger (240 volts) in SMUD territory
    •    Maximum of 20 rebates are available per company depending on the available parking spaces at each location
    •    Also offers $100,000 for each direct current (DC) fast charger project. Incentives available for up to 6 projects


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