State & Utility Regional Business EV Charging Incentives

California Capital Access Program (CalPAC) & Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) Financing Program

    •    Offers loans that can be used for the design, development, purchase and installation of EV charging stations at small business locations in California
   •    Participants are eligible for a rebate that is equal to 10-15% of loan amount


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PG&E Electric Vehicle Charge Network

   •    Three-year program, starting January 2018, to install 7,500 EV charging stations at multi-unit dwellings and workplaces, in PG&E territory
   •    PG&E will pay for, own, maintain and coordinate construction of “make-ready” infrastructure from the transformer to the parking spot (up to 60-80% of total cost).
   •    Additionally, a portion of the equipment will be paid for by PG&E.
   •    Participants can choose to own the EV charger or have PG&E own it. PG&E pays for infrastructure regardless of which option participant chooses.
   •    Participant can define access to EV chargers, making them available to the employees, fleet vehicles, or public.
   •    Minimum of 10 EV parking spaces per site.


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SMUD Commercial Charging Forward.png

SMUD’s incentives make it easy and affordable for your business to be EV ready.

Commercial charging

To participate in the program, SMUD’s Electrical Service Requirements must be followed (T017 and T004), and all EV chargers on site must be recorded separately through a SMUD EV data meter. Please refer to the Commercial EV program manual or all requirements and procedures.

CALeVIP Partnership Program

SMUD is partnering with the Center for Sustainable Energy and the California Energy Commission to offer charging incentives through the Sacramento County Incentive Project for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Funding up to $5,000 is available for a Level 2 charger with increased rebates for multi-unit dwellings and sites in disadvantaged communities.

Electric Forklift Incentive Pilot Program

Electric forklifts have lower operating costs, no emissions, less maintenance and are quieter to operate.

Class I/II/III forklifts are eligible for a $500 commercial customer incentive.

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a SMUD commercial customer.

  • Purchase or lease a new Class I, II or III forklift.

  • The new forklift must remain operational at the site for at least 3 years.

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