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SacEV Sponsors & EV Support - Present & Past

These firms actively encourage the adoption and success of EVs in the Sacramento Region. Take the time to thank them personally for their support of SacEV and improvements to air quality through electric transportation. By patronizing our sponsors, we demonstrate our thanks for their support. Want to become a sponsor? Contact us at the button above!

“It doesn't make sense to invest in printing equipment to capture harmful gases, and then drive your product to the client in a smog belching gas car.”
Gil Caravantes, Commerce Printing

"As electricians, we were often installing garage chargers for our customers.  

One convinced us to check out the Chevy Volt. Once I drove it, I knew we had to have one.

Becky Haupt, PhilHauptElectric CEO


"If we can encourage most consumers to charge their EVs at night, we can easily provide the electrical power needed to roll out EVs across our community."

Nissan Motors has sponsored SacEV to encourage and advocate for the growth of plug-in electric vehicles. Our environmental philosophy: “A Symbiosis of People, Vehicles, and Nature”. This philosophy outlines Nissan’s commitment and approach towards our dream of building a truly sustainable and mobile society.


Ohm Electric Cars.png

OHM Electric Cars, LLC


We are car people, with engineering problems.  

With a deep passion for classic cars, and over 20 years of hybrid electric powertrain/battery engineering design experience, Ohm Electric cars realizes that there is no "cookie cutter" way to convert an electric car.

Each car requires individual attention. While accruing industry experience designing and engineering, Ohm Electric Cars has also spent the same time having fun and gaining experience with their own classic cars. From autocross/road racing, restorations and drivetrain improvements from suspension, engine swaps, carburetor/fuel injection and wiring, Ohm Electric Cars has done it all.

Customer Review


"ClipperCreek is proud to sponsor National Electric Vehicle Plug In Day events to help raise awareness of this incredible new vehicle technology. Plug in vehicles are great for the environment, the economy, and they are amazing  to drive."

Will Barrett, ClipperCreek

Valley Solar Expert Teams are ready to help you get a leg up on your home or office energy performance with a quality solar electric system and certified installation. SunPower Premier Dealer.

Brad Price, Valley Solar President

The one-stop website for current and prospective plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) drivers in the counties of El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba. As PEVs become more integrated into transportation networks, it is important that communities are “PEV ready” with the necessary knowledge and infrastructure.


SACOG, Valley Vision, Greenwise Joint Venture, SMAQMD, SMUD

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