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Need a brochure on an EV related topic?  If we've got it, check here.  If ou can't find it, go to "Links to useful sites".

Here you can find our operating rules, including the EAA Code of Ethics and Bylaws, and SacEV's Chapter Handbook and Guidelines, along with SacEV related graphics, and logos.

CalCAP Charger Financing 

The goal of the CalCAP EV Charging Station Financing Program is to expand the number of charging stations installed by small businesses in California. The program, funded by the CA Energy Commission, provides small business borrowers and lenders incentives to finance EV charging station equipment acquisition and installation. 

CalCAP webinar for EV Practitioners (click)

We Like

Here's a set of EV related sites we've found both useful and entertaining.

Free interactive Electric Vehicle Roadmap that lists charging stations that can be used on the journey. The map highlights popular destinations that can be visited as well. I thought that this resource would be a great addition to your page complimenting the electric vehicle theme.

Here's a variety of EV related videos we found entertaining, educational or both.

Have you found an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle (ICE) blocking an EV charging space? Then place one of these tasteful reminders about your need to charge under their wiper blades.

Other EV Organizations

There are many organizations supporting the adoption and success of electric vehicles. Here are just a few.

A big part of our mission is to educate the next generation of EV owners. He you will find a variety of resources that are useful for course materials and curriculum.

CA Building Code Accessibility Changes-EVs

The adoption of accessibility provisions to the 2016 California Building Code included an entire new set of requirements for accessible EV Charging Spaces, the first requirements in the nation to address the accessibility of EVCS installations. These have been tackled by the CA State Architect Office with changes to the 2016 Building Code approved January 2017. The new official building codes were printed in July with changes becoming mandatory starting January 1, 2017.