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Other EV Supporting Organizations We Like

Electric Vehicle Association


The EVA is our parent organization and they provide important services for our chapter. The Electric Vehicle Association (formerly the Electric Auto Association) is North America’s leading volunteer organization that accelerates the adoption of electric vehicles by supporting its 100 chapters and thousands of members as they educate their communities about the benefits of driving electric.  


Plug In America   and   PlugStar


Plug In America is the nation's largest association of EV drivers and enthusiasts. Join us to receive our twice-monthly email newsletter and action alerts, so you can contact your elected officials about EV issues and policies. To thank you for signing up, we'll send you our latest EV Guide, listing the more than 40 plug-in models currently available!

We want every plug-in buyer to have an exceptional experience. Visit Plug In America’s PlugStar program to:

  • Find the car that best meets your needs

  • Learn about tax credits, rebates and other incentives

  • Prepare your home for EV charging

  • Get connected with a qualified EV dealer near you



The world’s cars are going electric, but not fast enough.

A movement is needed and Veloz aims to create it. Barriers exist and Veloz intends to overcome them. And Veloz can do it because we are assembling the best, brightest and most powerful players in the space.

Veloz is a powerhouse and we have the drive to get it done.

Find your electric car and incentives.

View our Theory of Change.

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