Other EV Supporting Organizations We Like

TakeCharge Sacramento


TakeCharge Sacramento is a regional coordination council to share EV information and initiatives. As PEVs become more integrated into transportation networks this organization supports regional communities becoming “PEV ready” with the necessary knowledge and infrastructure.

Electric Auto Association


The EAA is our parent organization and they provide a monthly e-magazine (CurrentEVents), variety of EV handouts, listing of chapters, and much more.

Plug In America


Plug In America is a strong advocate for clean and sustainable vehicles. Their site includes an EV tracker (what's coming when), an accessory tracker (EVSEs, etc.), a great set of PSA videos, and webinars.

Charge Across Town


Charge Across Town's mission is to help reduce carbon emissions from cars in California by promoting the adoption of ZEVs. We collaborate with statewide community organizations and government to bring experiential educational and outreach events to ALL communities across California, including Ride & Drives. Our work results in cleaner air and a healthier environment in California and beyond.