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Join the regional Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association (SacEV) & National EAA

SacEV is a chapter of the non-profit Electric Automobile Association (EAA), and comprises both new and experienced electric plug-in vehicle owners.


You can join our chapter for free by clicking the EAA/SacEV logos at the right and completing the survey which appears.


Benefits of joining SacEV:

*Invited to our events, informational meetings, EV meet ups, and excursions

*Receive updates on regional and national news relating to EVs and Infrastructure

*Help clean the air in our region and change the transportation world


We have informational meetings in the evening of the second Wednesday of odd number months. In even number months we offer weekend excursions, factory visits, or special events. Both types of meetings are in the SacEV calendar located here.


Benefits of joining the national EAA:

* All SacEV benefits, plus...

* For a $35 annual membership fee, you will receive the monthly Current EVents magazine (members only online versions)

* Read articles about electric vehicles in our region that are promoted throughout the country in Current EVents magazine (sample here:  Oct. 2016 issue with article on Woodland School District charging stations and solar arrays installed at schools)

* Keep up with Global and Local EV News 

* Connect with like-minded people who are passionate about EVs and the environment.

* Help improve EV adoption through local outreach

* Help create EV policy change

* Install more fast chargers

* Improve financial incentives

* Social gatherings

* Receive discounts on products and services

* EAA acts as a source of information for the membership, other organizations and the public, on the current state of electric vehicle technology worldwide.

* EAA encourages experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, particularly to improve energy and resource efficiency, reduce emissions and improve vehicle safety.

* EAA promotes and organizes public exhibits of electric vehicles built by members and others for the purpose of informing the public on the progress of electric vehicle technology and conducting public opinion polls.

* EAA uses all media, such as newsletters, websites, information packages, and other paper and electronic media designed to inform the public and promote the cause of electric vehicles.

Joining EAA includes membership in your local chapter



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