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Tesla Money Back Promotional Deal




Tesla Referral Program incentives change regularly. To view the current incentives, please visit Tesla's website HERE.



Tesla makes the safest cars in the world according to US government testing, so every referral helps reduce your friend’s chances of injury or death.


Thank you for helping accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.



To the right, please find a list of SacEV Tesla owners who would love to receive special promotions for encouraging you to purchase a Tesla. All are listed in alphabetical order, without any preference given by SacEV. If you plan to purchase a Tesla soon, why not send benefits to a SacEV member/friend AND receive extra benefits yourself!

Bill Chamberlain

Tesla Link -

Member of SacEV since 2012 when I got my Signature Model S. Convinced that EVs are the way of the future since the early 1990s when I drove the GM Impact (EV-1) and the Honda EV Plus while employed at the CRC. Drove the early Supercharger highway from Sacramento to Madison, WI and back in April 2013 in my Model S. What a car!

weccman  AT

EAA Member: No


Matthew Chan
Tesla Link -
Tesla Model S owner since 2013. Happy to answer any questions about the purchasing and ownership experience including ordering, options, charging, service, repairs, and aftermarket (paint protection, tinting, etc)
mattchan  AT
EAA member - yes, since 2013


Guy Hall
Tesla Link -
Previous SacEV President and national EAA director, I have helped build SacEV as a leading organization. As a LEAF, Volt, and Tesla owner (only EVer to drive from Mexico to Alaska), I can help on EVs in general, and Tesla specifically, from ordering to delivery and what to expect.
(916) 717-9158
EAA member - yes   


David Link

Tesla Link -

SacEV webmaster, LinkedIn manager, and print media designer. Previously owned a Coda Sedan, but now only use our 2017 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron for short trips and 2018 Tesla Model 3 for everything else. We love driving electric. We reached 601.7 mpg on our Audi before refueling after 14 months (only half tank used). 7kW solar array makes our trips full EV for both cars.
(916) 685-8588
EAA member - yes (since 1991)


Ralph Lubick
Tesla link -

Purchased my Tesla last November. I am a retired pharmacist and love driving my "S". The Tesla is head-and-shoulders above the other luxury cars I have owned.
(916) 355-8515
EAA member - not yet

George Parrott
Tesla Link -
Previous SacEV President, Retired CSUS Psychology Professor/Fulbright Scholar, went hybrid in 2004 (Prius plus Camry Hybrid). Had 2011 Volt and Leaf, later replaced with 2013 Model S85, replaced with 2015 P85D. Now own Performance AWD Model 3. Organized SacEV groups at the local drag strip and first 2 regional "National Drive Electric" events.
(916) 752-7359
EAA member - yes


Jorge A. Santana

Tesla Link -

I’ve enjoyed my hot-red Tesla (Teslarossa) so much that as soon as I got it I made a funny YouTube video that has made people smile and laugh at how cool the car is. Check out "Tesla Wow Factors" at

(916) 589-0215

EAA member - yes

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