There's a lot of energy and activity directed towards adoption of EVs by the Sacramento Electric Vehicle Assocation. Much of it is focused towards events or major projects. Click here if you want to contribute to one of these projects or to learn more.

Workplace Charging is a high priority, key project for SacEV.  We're assembling efforts to reach out to employees and employers with Executive Loaner programs, lunch time on site test drives, seek grants to mitigate EVSE installations, EV purchase discounts, company charging station recommendations and more.  Government Programs

EVmatch is a network of residential charging stations. You charge at someone’s private residence and pay them like any other charging network. Make sure you book a station near your final destination so you can easily drop off your car to charge.

With EVmatch you can bring energy to the community on your terms. Host your charging station (L1 or L2) and get paid for it.    MORE INFO

Click above for information and an application for a Rebate for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District pilot grant program for EV infrastructure in Sacramento County workplaces or multi-family dwellings.

SacEV is working with local and corporate dealerships to create electric vehicle training programs to enhance the EV shopping experience for customers, plus to shorten the learning curve for salespersons new to EVs. Click above for more information on these programs.

In 2018 the PEV Collaborative again joined SMUD, SacEV, and ChargeAcrossTown to expand the successful EV Ride & Drive event. We needed paid people to help with registration, surveys, breathalyzers, incentives distribution, answering surveys, and promoting EVs. $100/day, including parking & lunch. A very successful Ride & Drive.


New product success hinges on a proper match between technology type and distribution strategy. Disruptive technologies, like electric vehicles, pose a distinct challenge for customers AND dealers. Do EVs need an alternative retail approach?

As part of its mission, SacEV is working with Museums and educational institutions. We've helped arrange for permanent EV loans to museums and helped expand EV displays for their programs. Click above to get more detail about exciting EV exhibits planned at the California Auto Museum.