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Year/Model    :     2013 Toyota RAV4 EV

Location        :     Sacramento, CA 

Odometer      :     68,100 miles        

Asking Price  :     $15,200


Awesome commuter car in Shoreline Blue! Superbly cared for. Kept in garage. No mods, super clean, no smoking, no accidents, pink slip in hand. New Drive Motor! Replaced 7/21 under warranty due to noise. 12V battery replaced 7/21. Recent All-Terrain tires in great condition. Balance of Toyota Extra Care Extended Warranty transferrable. Includes Tesla Level-2 charger and Jesla adapter to charge at any Tesla Destination Charger (in addition to any J-1772 charger). Current range at 80% SOC: 78 miles, 100% SOC: 92 miles (rarely charged at 100% SOC). Drivetrain and batteries made by Tesla for Toyota.


Contact Dave at --->    dave_tanel   AT       (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2013 Toyota RAV4 EV


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 long range RWD

Location        :     Woodland, CA 

Odometer      :     38,000 miles        

Asking Price  :     $49,950 (Cash or Bitcoin)


Pearl White Multi-Coat exterior, Black interior in excellent condition. Premium package w/ adjustable power front seats, premium audio, subwoofer, five heated seats, Homelink, Infotainment, Lifetime premium cellular data connectivity, and more. Enhanced Autopilot & Full Self Driving Features with version 3.0 FSD Computer (Lifetime FSD purchased). Eligible for blue HOV access sticker which expires Jan 1, 2025. Transferrable Manufacturer’s Warranty in effect. 4yr/50K mile basic, and 8yr/120K mile battery/drive unit


Contact Zachariah at --->    xucchini    AT       (replace AT with @ before mailing)

Johnson Model 3 interior.jpg

2018 Tesla Model 3LR#2


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Location        :     West Sacramento, CA 

Odometer      :     12,400 miles        

Asking Price  :     $43,000


Multi-coat Red exterior with black interior, includes Autopilot 2 Enhanced, all floor mats, and 18" aero wheels. No modifications to vehicle, which has always been garaged and owned by non-smoker. Vehicle is in outstanding condition and clean history, verified by third party. Also have a new, never used Wall Charger included in sale price.


Contact Bill at --->    wtoddlana    AT       (replace AT with @ before mailing)

Bill's Model 3 interior rear.jpg
Bill's Model 3 cargo.jpg

2018 Tesla Model 3LR

Bill's Model 3 oblique.jpg
Bill's Model 3 interior front.jpg
Kathleen Interior.JPG
Parrott M3P wheels.jpg
Parrott M3P oblique.jpg

2018 Tesla Model 3P AWD


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD

Location        :     West Sacramento, CA 

Odometer      :     31,500 miles        

Asking Price  :     $39,900


Includes all options, except Full Self Driving (has extended Autopilot), multi-coat Red under "Liquid Copper" vinyl wrap. Custom seating compliments Liquid Copper exterior. Original Tesla Black Seat Materials included as well. 20" Performance Wheels with Michelin Pilot 4 tires. Includes full set of lightweight 18" wheels with Michelin Pilot All-Season Tires. Small "ding" on driver's door, but otherwise in outstanding condition.


Contact George at --->    geo241    AT       (replace AT with @ before mailing)      OR       (916) 752-7359‬


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD

Location        :     Sacramento, CA 

Odometer      :     3,200 miles        

Asking Price  :     Best offer (New $60,500)


Selling my deceased father's Tesla Model 3 Dual-Motor Long Range. It is very low mileage and is in excellent condition, having been garaged during his illness. It is Pearl White Multi-Coat with premium black interior. It comes with the standard 18" aero wheels, premium interior, and enhanced Autopilot. Please contact me with your offer and I will choose among those who submit.


Contact Kathleen at --->    catcollins1    AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)      OR       (916) 363-1488

2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD

Kathleen Inside back.jpg
Kathleen Interior.JPG
Kathleen Model 3.JPG
Kathleen Rear.JPG

Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Aerovironment EVSE, Tesla J1772 adapter, used Model 3 20" Sport wheels



Tesla Wheels, Used AVi EVSE

30 Amp Level 2, --SOLD--


Year/Model    :     2013 Tesla Model S85


2013 Tesla S85


Year/Model    :     2011 Think City
Location        :     San Jose area            
Odometer      :     35,000 miles      
Asking Price  :     $4,000 or best offer


Blue 2-seater with airbags, power windows & mirrors, A/C, and heater. Includes 120 volt AC portable charger, real spare tire, with new tires and new 12 volt accessory battery. Range ~60 miles. Good car for commuting, school, or getting groceries.


Contact George:    gstuckert1  AT     (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2011 Think City


Year/Model    :     2014 Chevy Volt



2014 Chevy Volt


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model S100D
Location        :     Davis, CA             
Odometer      :     11,500 miles      
Asking Price  :     $75,000 or best offer


Immaculate condition, garaged, no accidents, no scratches, no dings/dents. Current max. charge is 330 miles range. Post purchase improvements: Tesla 4 year maintenance plan, high intensity LED courtesy lights, custom mats, Ceramic Pro whole body application lifetime warranty, Xpel Plus on front hood/fenders 10 year warranty (Imperial Works, Sacramento)


Contact David:  (530) 219-4912    OR    David.balgobin  AT     (replace AT with @ before mailing)


2018 Tesla Model S100D


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 19" Wheels, Tires, & Aero covers

2018 Tesla M3 wheels/tires/aero



Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Leaf SL
Location        :     Stockton, CA             
Odometer      :     51,800 miles      
Asking Price  :     $8,000 or best offer


Automatic transmission, clean Title, Blue top-of-the-line model with CHAdeMO Quick Charge port, made in Japan, and aluminum body. Full electric car, with light cream/grey interior, extremely clean inside and out. NEW replacement second generation 30 kWh battery, EPA 109 miles, full bars with only 10,000 miles on the new battery. Regular service and brake fluid exchange were performed.


Contact DeeAnn Traum:       mfrptca  AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2011 Nissan Leaf

30 kWh


Year/Model    :     2015 Toyota Plug-in Prius




2015 Toyota Plug-in Prius


2011 Nissan Leaf


Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Leaf SL


Year/Model    :     2015 Aerovironment EVSE

Location        :     Sacramento, CA                 

Asking Price  :     $295


Selling my used EVSE (charging station). I leased a Mercedes B250 3 years ago and just returned the lease. I purchased the charger from the Mercedes dealership NEW. It is an AeroVironment, 30 Amp 240-Volt Level 2 EV Charging Station with a 15 ft. Charge Cable. It is weatherproof and for indoor or outdoor use, plus UL-listed and tested to meet strict safety standards.


Contact Sebastian Cosentino at 916-468-9068    OR    j.cos   AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)


Used AeroVironment EVSE

30 Amp Level 2


Year/Model    :     2012 Toyota RAV4 EV Sport



2012 Toyota RAV4 EV



Year/Model    :     2016 Kia Soul EV Plus

Location        :     West Sacramento, CA             

Odometer      :     13,560 miles      

Asking Price  :     $17,500---Assume existing payments


This car is like new! Purchased new in Nov. 2016. Top of the line electric, the EV Plus, has leather seats, backup camera, navigation, bluetooth, heated and air conditioned seats, CHAdeMO fast charge, among many other extras. It has a good amount of room in the rear seat and cargo area. We fit two carseats in the back no problem. This car new was $35k. The color we wanted cost extra.


If interested, please call 916-690-2547  or  email:  elizabeth.melgoza  AT    (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2016 Kia Soul Plus

Assume Monthly Payments


Year/Model    :     2017 Ford Focus Electric (33.5 kWh battery pack)



2017 Ford Focus Electric

--Lease Assumed--


Used commercial grade Clipper Creek model CS-60 EVSE

Used Commercial GradeClipper Creek CS-6048 Amp Level 2   --SOLD--

Year/Model    :     2013 Tesla Model S (60kWh battery pack)



2013 Tesla Model S60



Year/Model    :     2011 Chevy Volt



2011 Chevy Volt



Year/Model    :     2014 BMW i3 Range Extender

2014 BMW i3 REX


Year/Model    :     2013 Nissan LEAF SV




2013 Nissan LEAF


Year/Model    :    2013 Tesla Model S with 85 kW battery


2013 Tesla Model S85



Year/Model    :     2014 Topaz Blue Chevrolet Volt



2014 Chevy Volt



Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Leaf SL



2011 Nissan LEAF