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Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD

Location        :     Sacramento, CA 

Odometer      :     3,200 miles        

Asking Price  :     Best offer (New $60,500)


Selling my deceased father's Tesla Model 3 Dual-Motor Long Range. It is very low mileage and is in excellent condition, having been garaged during his illness. It is Pearl White Multi-Coat with premium black interior. It comes with the standard 18" aero wheels, premium interior, and enhanced Autopilot. Please contact me with your offer and I will choose among those who submit.


Contact Kathleen at --->    catcollins1    AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)      OR       (916) 363-1488

2018 Tesla Model 3 AWD


Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Aerovironment EVSE, Tesla J1772 adapter, used Model 3 20" Sport wheels

Location        :     Roseville, CA                 

Asking Price  :     $175 (AE) -- $35 (J1772) or best offers -- wheels: $1000/$1500


Selling 4 used Model 3 20" Sport Wheels (no tires). All are out of round (very little cosmetic damage) and need repair. $500 as-is.

Aerovironment EVSE and Tesla J1772 adapter sold.



Tesla Wheels


30 Amp Level 2



Year/Model    :     2013 Tesla Model S85
Location        :     Sacramento area            
Odometer      :     160,000 miles (battery replaced @ 125K miles)     
Asking Price  :     $29,900 or best offer


One of the earliest Model S85, red with rear wheel drive, #12,287, ordered in early 2013. Had battery replaced @ 125K miles under warranty. Tesla honored the extended warranty and completely rebuilt the battery pack. The drive train was also replaced through warranty at ~61K miles when it was making an extra sound. Except for the battery, there have been no problems, no accidents, and the vinyl interior shows very little wear without damage.


2013 Tesla S85


Year/Model    :     2011 Think City
Location        :     San Jose area            
Odometer      :     35,000 miles      
Asking Price  :     $4,000 or best offer


Blue 2-seater with airbags, power windows & mirrors, A/C, and heater. Includes 120 volt AC portable charger, real spare tire, with new tires and new 12 volt accessory battery. Range ~60 miles. Good car for commuting, school, or getting groceries.


Contact George:    gstuckert1  AT     (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2011 Think City


Year/Model    :     2014 Chevy Volt
Location        :     Sacramento area            
Odometer      :     73,000 miles      
Asking Price  :     $10,349


2nd owner, well cared for commute car with 73K miles (mostly electric). Clean title, no accidents, non-smoker with Carfax report, excellent mechanical, and electronic systems all work. Heated seats & navigation. This Volt has a deluxe 150K mile transferable warranty purchased through Elk Grove Chevrolet. Electric-only range of ~32 miles, total range >300 miles.



2014 Chevy Volt


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model S100D
Location        :     Davis, CA             
Odometer      :     11,500 miles      
Asking Price  :     $75,000 or best offer


Immaculate condition, garaged, no accidents, no scratches, no dings/dents. Current max. charge is 330 miles range. Post purchase improvements: Tesla 4 year maintenance plan, high intensity LED courtesy lights, custom mats, Ceramic Pro whole body application lifetime warranty, Xpel Plus on front hood/fenders 10 year warranty (Imperial Works, Sacramento)


Contact David:  (530) 219-4912    OR    David.balgobin  AT     (replace AT with @ before mailing)


2018 Tesla Model S100D


Year/Model    :     2018 Tesla Model 3 19" Wheels, Tires, & Aero covers
Location        :     Sacramento, CA             
Odometer      :     5,060 freeway miles      
Asking Price  :     $1,400 or $1,250 w/o Aero covers


I have a AWD Model 3 and just love it. I recently swapped out the 18" Aero wheels and tires and upgraded to the 19" Sport wheels and tires. They have exactly 5,060 freeway miles on them. I am asking $1,400 including Aero Covers or $1,250 without. Excellent condition.


Contact Paul:       paul  AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2018 Tesla M3 wheels/tires/aero


Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Leaf SL
Location        :     Stockton, CA             
Odometer      :     51,800 miles      
Asking Price  :     $8,000 or best offer


Automatic transmission, clean Title, Blue top-of-the-line model with CHAdeMO Quick Charge port, made in Japan, and aluminum body. Full electric car, with light cream/grey interior, extremely clean inside and out. NEW replacement second generation 30 kWh battery, EPA 109 miles, full bars with only 10,000 miles on the new battery. Regular service and brake fluid exchange were performed.


Contact DeeAnn Traum:       mfrptca  AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2011 Nissan Leaf

30 kWh


Year/Model    :     2015 Toyota Plug-in Prius
Location        :     Davis, CA             
Odometer      :     56,120 miles      
Asking Price  :     $17,900


Silver, plug-in-Prius base model in good condition. Single owner, no accidents. Includes extended manufacturer’s warranty, good until 125,000 miles or April 10, 2022, whichever occurs first. Has the 4.4kWh battery pack and HOV access stickers.




2015 Toyota Plug-in Prius


2011 Nissan Leaf


Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Leaf SL
Location        :     Rancho Cordova, CA             
Odometer      :     41,600 miles      
Asking Price  :     $6,000 or best offer


Clean Title, Blue, top of the line model with CHAdeMO Quick Charge port, Japan made. Includes HOV access stickers (only requires transfer). This is a full electric car, with grey interior. Batteries are in good shape with a loss of 3 bars. Tires are relatively new Michelin Defenders 90,000 mile warranty tires with 95% of tread remaining.


Year/Model    :     2015 Aerovironment EVSE

Location        :     Sacramento, CA                 

Asking Price  :     $295


Selling my used EVSE (charging station). I leased a Mercedes B250 3 years ago and just returned the lease. I purchased the charger from the Mercedes dealership NEW. It is an AeroVironment, 30 Amp 240-Volt Level 2 EV Charging Station with a 15 ft. Charge Cable. It is weatherproof and for indoor or outdoor use, plus UL-listed and tested to meet strict safety standards.


Contact Sebastian Cosentino at 916-468-9068    OR    j.cos   AT         (replace AT with @ before mailing)


Used AeroVironment EVSE

30 Amp Level 2

Year/Model    :     2012 Toyota RAV4 EV Sport

Location        :     Roseville, CA             

Odometer      :     76,727 miles      

Asking Price  :     $15,000 or best offer


This car is in excellent used condition, with two small dings on rear bumper. White, anti-theft & keyless entry, AM/FM, SiriusXM satellite, navigation, bluetooth, backup camera, front & side air bags, heated leather seats, running boards, roof rack, premium wheels, clean history report, smoking free, garaged, 2 key sets. Up to 130 miles range on 100% charge, with Tesla motor, pack, and system inside.



2012 Toyota RAV4 EV



Year/Model    :     2016 Kia Soul EV Plus

Location        :     West Sacramento, CA             

Odometer      :     13,560 miles      

Asking Price  :     $17,500---Assume existing payments


This car is like new! Purchased new in Nov. 2016. Top of the line electric, the EV Plus, has leather seats, backup camera, navigation, bluetooth, heated and air conditioned seats, CHAdeMO fast charge, among many other extras. It has a good amount of room in the rear seat and cargo area. We fit two carseats in the back no problem. This car new was $35k. The color we wanted cost extra.


If interested, please call 916-690-2547  or  email:  elizabeth.melgoza  AT    (replace AT with @ before mailing)

2016 Kia Soul Plus

Assume Monthly Payments


Year/Model    :     2017 Ford Focus Electric (33.5 kWh battery pack)

Location        :     Natomas, CA             

Odometer      :     1,646 miles      

Asking Price  :     $238.11/month for 12K miles per year---Assume existing lease


This leased Focus Electric is silver ingot color with no scratches and in new condition. The lease began July 15, 2017. Has the new liquid-cooled 33.5 kWh battery pack, good for approximately 115 miles per charge, plus includes a CCS DC/Combo fast charge connection (50kW) and 6.6kW onboard charger. Options include leather upholstery (bundled with a 6-way power-adjustable driver's seat and a rear center armrest).

Owner loves the car, but commutes to Bay Area and is unable to depend on CCS/DC Combo fast charge availability on way to work and then home. Purchased a Volt to guarantee his commute to work.



2017 Ford Focus Electric

--Lease Assumed--


EVSE is nearly identical to current Clipper Creek model on their website (see below), but has 20 ft orange cord. Cost to buy new is $1995. Internally the same, so a great bargain at $699. Reasonable offers accepted. Unit was purchased and used in 2013 for our Chevy Volt, until we hardwired our garage to accommodate 2 electric vehicles. It worked perfectly while we used it. This unit is not for amateur use. It is a commercial grade charger that pulls 48 amps on a dedicated 240 circuit. Must be hardwired to your electrical system by professional, licensed, and permitted installer. We, the sellers, release all liability for the unit and its performance/use after it has left our possession. Feel free to call, text, or email:

Wayne Thomas       HOME  (916) 721-4097   
Michelle Thomas     TEXT    (916) 751-6883
Thomaszoo    AT    (replace   AT   with   @   before mailing)


ClipperCreek Store current commercial EVSE:

Used Commercial Grade

Clipper Creek CS-60

48 Amp Level 2


Year/Model    :     2013 Tesla Model S (60kWh battery pack)

Location        :     Roseville, CA             

Odometer      :     41,000 miles      

Asking Price  :     $48,000


Original dolphin grey, lacewood trim (no longer available), and lacewood yacht floor. Includes rear parcel shelf, rear seat floor mount cup holder, matching grey floor mats, and black rubberized frunk & trunk liners. No tech package (not std. at time of purchase). Aftermarket upgraded headlights to HID. Original total price was $80,520, but with price increases in past years, configuration would be close to $90K.

Includes extended warranty: Additional 4 years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first) on top of factory warranty.



2013 Tesla Model S60



Year/Model    :     2011 Chevy Volt

Location        :     Davis, CA

Odometer      :     50,800 miles

Asking Price  :     $12K


This bright red Chevrolet Volt has a beige full leather interior, heated seats, backup camera, Bose premium sound system, and is fully loaded with many other extras. It is in excellent condition and ready for a new owner. The lifetime fuel efficiency is documented at 77.6 mpg.



2011 Chevy Volt



Year/Model    :     2014 BMW i3 Range Extender

Location        :     Sacramento, CA

Odometer      :     27,500 miles

Asking Price  :     Any offer above $30K will be seriously considered


I need to sell my loaded 2014 BMW i3 REX. I hate to part with it, however, I need to make a change in order to help out one of my family members by taking over a lease obligation they currently have. It’s a smoking deal for a “Loaded” Grey & Black REX Terra World with the BMW CPO coverage to 75k miles. 19" wheels, full leather interior, full LED lights inside & out, parking sensors, bluetooth, BMW iDrive infotainment system, navigation, sunroof, & keyless entry/ignition. This car would make a terrific Christmas Gift!



----AutoTrader Complete Listing HERE----

2014 BMW i3 REX


Year/Model    :     2013 Nissan LEAF SV

Location        :     East Sacramento, CA

Odometer      :     5,469 miles

Asking Price  :     Take over $299/month lease which ends July 2016


Nissan Leaf SV in immaculate condition (just needs a bath after recent rains), dark gray with light interior, and has an upgraded Bose sound system. Battery still at 100% per dealer test. We are moving out of the country at the end of the year, and are looking for someone to take over the last 7 months of the lease. Payments are $299/mo., including maintenance package. This is a great opportunity for someone to try out a Leaf without a 3-year lease commitment.




2013 Nissan LEAF


Year/Model    :    2013 Tesla Model S with 85 kW battery

Location        :    Elk Grove, CA

Odometer      :    22,780 miles (expect 24,400 miles by end of February when owner replaces with P85D)

Asking Price  :    First $69,999 for transfer at the end of the first week of February gets this amazing vehicle.

                           Replacing today, this Model S would cost $96,000 after the Federal Tax Credit & CA Rebate of $10K.


362 hp, 0-60 mph under 5.4 seconds, 270+ mile range on a full charge, Tan leather interior, Interior special lighting, Technology package, Air suspension, Dual Chargers, Multi-Coat Red, Obeche Gloss wood trim, NEW, never opened Tesla floor mats/black, Upgrade Super, Fidelity Sound System, BlackVue DashCam ($300), 19” Wheels and tires, Custom Black Wheels ($1000), New Rear Tires (at 22,000 miles) ($400), Tinted back passenger and hatch windows ($300).


The owner has the new P85D, all-wheel drive Model S on delivery order for February 2015, so this is YOUR chance to get an incredible discount on the best rated car by Consumer Reports, and virtually every other car magazine and review.


2013 Tesla Model S85



Year/Model    :     2014 Topaz Blue Chevrolet Volt

Location        :     Sacramento area, CA

Odometer      :     < 5,000 miles

Asking Price  :     Assume $297/month lease. Lease ends Nov 2016 (remaining 10K miles/year on the basic lease allowance). Lease transfer costs of about $650 to US Bank. 


Upgraded interior and backup camera options. This was my wife's car, but most sadly, she passed away on 16 July.  Clearly I am no longer a "two car family" so this is totally unneeded to me.



2014 Chevy Volt



Year/Model    :     2011 Nissan Leaf SL

Location         :     Woodland, CA

Odometer      :     50,755 miles

Asking Price  :     $12,900


Automatic transmission, clean Title, Red top of the line model with CHAdeMO Quick Charge port, made in Japan, and aluminum body. Includes HOV access stickers (only require transfer). This is a full electric car, with grey-brown interior. A battery report (3/18/2014) from a Nissan dealership states that all batteries are in great shape with a loss of 2 bars. In addition to the battery test, regular service and brake fluid exchanges were performed. The rear tires need to be replaced.



2011 Nissan LEAF