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GreenCarReports is the place car shoppers turn to for help deciphering the world of "green" cars, reporting on which ones benefit the Earth, and which don't do as well. Green Car Reports drives and reviews all green cars, offers advice and tips to consumers on going green, and keeps green-car enthusiasts in touch with the latest news and information they need to make an informed buying decision. Green Car Reports is edited by John Voelcker, a 20-year veteran of print and online media.

EV World commenced publication officially on January 1, 1998. Our objective -- then as now -- is to provide a human face to the topic of sustainable transportation with a focus on the people and policy, as well as technology.

The site has continued to steadily grow in readership over the years with little promotion, other than word-of-mouth. We currently entertain more than 15-20,000 visitors daily from around the world who download from more than 20-30,000 pages of information every day.

Inside EVs was created to not just publish the breaking news of the day, but to go behind it, to create it, and most importantly to examine the how, what and why of electric vehicles.

InsideEVs Growth In The Online Plug-In Vehicle Segment Is Unparalleled (via Analytics)

Today, that hard work and dedication to plug-in vehicles and their infrastructure is demonstrated through InsideEVs standing as the largest Internet property covering plug-in vehicles news exclusively (with over 30,000 page visits per day and growing).

InsideEVs brings together some of the most knowledgeable, well-known insiders, with 8 reporters on staff, as well as dozens of prominent contributors.


The three departments of CHARGED (The Vehicles, The Tech, & The Infrastructure) cover a variety of topics in great detail. From in-depth engineering discussions about electrified systems, to charging trends, EVSE installation advice, and new vehicle spotlights.

CHARGED has a highly-engaged readership of engineers, executives, fleet managers, and many different prospective buyers of components, systems, EVSE, and new vehicles. is an editorially-created information service for electric mobility experts. Every workday, our newsletter “ today” provides you with an overview of the most relevant international news and happenings in the sector. And is made in Germany! It follows the success of, which was founded in 2011 and already has become a vital source of information for more than 6,000 experts per day in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

You can receive our free newsletter per email. If you would like it to be delivered right to your inbox, just drop us a line at and we will add you to our mailing list. We keep our eyes on all sorts of potential sources so you can on top of the news.

This website is created as a forum for all the relevant stakeholders—car shoppers, drivers, carmakers, municipalities, battery and infrastructure providers, environmentalists and other advocates. But mostly, it's about the early adopters who will be on the front lines of this revolution in automotive technology. We firmly believe that the first drivers of the new plug-in hybrids and electric cars literally hold the keys—or wireless key fobs—to the future.

The team of writers, researchers and industry analysts will report the news and related consumer info about your favorite electric-drive vehicles. The site hosts multiple online communities, each gathered around a specific EV or plug-in hybrid. And it provides opportunities for each vehicle-specific community to interact with the other—as a way to form a growing movement of electric drivers.


First published in 1995, and now sent twice a year to over 30,000* key specifiers and decision-makers throughout the global automotive industry, Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International is firmly established as the world’s leading international showcase for technology and innovation in electric, hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle development and manufacture.

•Hard copy mailout, by name and job title, to around 10,000 key OE automotive personnel: Europe 43%, North America 34%, Asia/Pacific 18%, Rest of World 5%.

Electric Vehicle site for the EV obsessed. Pure EVs, Plug-in Hybrids, & even some Hybrids. EV Charging Stations, Apps, Market Research, Policy, Etc.

EAA_CurrentEvents  (membership required for magazines)

The Electric Auto Association (EAA) was formed in 1967 by Walter Laski in San Jose, California. The EAA is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles.
Electric vehicles (EVs) are a clean, quiet alternative to conventional automobiles, which are powered by petroleum derivatives that, when burned, emit noxious gases into the environment.
Electric Vehicles not only keep our Earth cleaner, their use preserves the earth's natural resources. EVs are a smart and efficient choice for personal transportation.
The EAA acts as a public source of information to communicate developments in electric vehicle technology, to encourage experimentation in the building of electric vehicles, and to organize public exhibits and events of electric vehicles, and to educate the public on the progress and benefits of electric vehicle technology.

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