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FAQs on PEVs and SacEV

How can I support the SacEV organization?


How can I donate money to the SacEV? It's easy. SacEV is a chapter of the national non-profit Elecric Auto Association. When you join the EAA, specify the Sacramento EVA as your local chapter. See the donation button at the top of every page for details.

How can I receive SacEV LinkedIn updates on EVs worldwide?


Click the blue LinkedIn icon (in) at the top of each page. It will take you to SacEV's LinkedIn group. You may send a request to join from within LinkedIn.

Should I buy an EV now or wait until technology improves?


Given the rapid EV technology improvements, is it better to buy now or wait? I know the issue well. We bought a 2011 LEAF, and would so much rather have the 2013 LEAF as it is cheaper and better. The technology is certainly improving, but it is better to drive an EV now, rather than wait for the perfect vehicle to appear sometime in the future. This is the same problem consumers have with deciding to purchase a new computer, which will be "obsolete" in a few years.


My recommendation is to:

*Step away from the mentality of purchasing a new car and fix the old one until it finally dies (that was our prior approach).

*Evaluate your current situation against a lease -  does it makes sense or not?

*Is gas+ oil + maintenance higher than electricity + lease (taking into account temporary special incentives / lease prices)?

*Are other temporary incentives (free parking, HOV lanes, etc.) of value?

*Is reliability of your existing car an issue?

*Do you want to extend the life of an existing vehicle (pickup, suv, car, etc.) that is getting high in total miles?

*How do you feel about external issues; shipping $ out of the country, environmental quality, how your electricity is generated, national security, etc.?

*Would you value a second vehicle?

*If balance leans towards getting an EV, do it! Lease (then look around in three years for the latest technology & incentives)

*Buy a used EV (significantly cheaper than new, cheaper than internal combustion cars, and often include substantial remaining warranties). You'll likely be able to keep your existing gasoline vehicle as a backup


Given today's incentives from Federal, State, and Local governments, along with dealer incentives (to meet their clean air obligations) an amazing percentage of cases make sense now.


NOTE: As EVs become more popular and sales increase dramatically, incentives will be reduced. Don't miss out on the deals available now.

Where do I find information on home chargers (EVSEs) and installation?


I just bought an EV. Do I need to buy a better charger (EVSE) than what came with my car? In some cases, the standard 110-120 volt EVSE will work without any additional equipment. If you purchased a plug-in hybrid, the battery is small enough that your standard EVSE will be fine.


If you have purchased a Battery Electric Vehicle, it comes with a larger battery pack, which may take 10 to 40 hours to charge an "empty" EV. 240 volt Level 2 EVSEs, which generally cost $300 to $800, can reduce your charging time to 4 to 8 hours.


For information on available EVSEs, under the tab “ev resources & purchase”,highlight Home Chargers for Electric Cars. Most Level 2 EVSE will require installation by a licensed electrician, plus a building permit. Please contact SacEV for further information, plus recommended qualified installers. Installation, with permit, can run from $300 to $500 if the panel is just outside the garage wall where your EVSE will be mounted. Costs will be higher if installation is not a simple one.


Phil Haupt Electric (long-term SacEV member)

Connected Technology

EV Energy, Inc.

Power Electric

How do I receive SacEV email messages on EVs?


If you want to be part of the SacEV mailing list and receive messages on EVs, click the green “Join SacEV” box at the top right and complete the information. You may become a dues paying member or a friend. Both are eligible to receive regular announcements on trends in the EV industry, legislation, special EV sales, and SacEV activities. Dues paying members, however, also receive the monthly CurrentEVents online magazine from the national Electric Auto Association, discounts on certain EV related products, and the knowledge that you are helping to improve transportation in this country and the world.

Give me 10 Reasons why I should buy an EV, even if gasoline is FREE?


1.  Torque is tremendous and no "turbo lags"

2.  Silence is golden

3.  It is fun to drive 21st century technology

4.  No need to go somewhere to fill up. Home fueling is great

5.  Full "tank" every morning

6.  Use your own "home grown" solar fuel, without any foreign petro-conglomerates to pay

7.  Insurance costs the same as a gasoline car, sometimes even less

8.  Long term overall cost of ownership is much less and $/mile much lower

9.  Low periodic maintenance, no oil changes, no transmission fluid, no bi-annual smog checks to waste your time

10. EV simplicity always beats ICE complexity (the same goes for Fool Cells)

11. Be part of the solution for climate change, rather than part of the problem

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