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EVmatch is Heather Hochrein and Shannon Walker’s startup that’s tackling the charger access problem, one match at a time. EVmatch pairs drivers who need to charge with nearby homeowners who aren’t using their chargers at the moment, which expands the number of available chargers by a huge amount. This is a potential gamechanger for people who want an EV or gas/electric hybrid, but can’t access a charger at their apartment. Now they’ll be able to use the charger at the house next door.  Click HERE for EVmatch's Informational Flyer.


Charging options for all.

Stations are available on EVmatch for all types of EVs including Tesla models. You can find a station that meets your charging needs by reviewing the listing details that include: charging station brand, model, and power output, and plug type. EVmatch offers both Level 1 (110V) and Level 2 (240V) charging options.


Reserve any station.

EVmatch is the only charging network that offers reservations for 100% of its charging stations, allowing our drivers to know exactly when and where they’ll charge before they leave their home. Because hosts must approve each charging request, we highly recommend drivers leave at least 2 hours between the time they request a station and the start time of their charging transaction to allow the host to see and process their request.


Where I can charge with EVmatch?

Our service currently covers areas served by almost all electric utilities in California. Check if your specific utility is on the list above. Want EVmatch in your neighborhood? Send us an email at so we can serve you sooner!


Where do I go when my car is charging?

Once you plug in your car, you are expected to leave and come back at the end of your reservation. You cannot sit in your car in the Host’s driveway, so make sure to book stations that are nearby other places you like to hangout (i.e. work, a friend’s house, the movies).


What if I need to cancel or change my reservation?

If you need to cancel or change your reservation in advance, log into your account and click on the Charges tab. From there you can cancel reservations for charging your own car or for your charger listing. See our Terms & Conditions for additional information about cancellations.


EVmatch service areas cover almost all electric utilities in California!

Alameda Municipal Power

Apple Valley Choice Energy

Azusa Light & Water

Burbank Water & Power

City of Anaheim

City of Palo Alto Utilities

City of Roseville

City of Vernon Gas & Electric Department

Colton Electric

Glendale Water & Power

Imperial Irrigation District

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power

MCE Clean Energy

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Pasadena Water & Power

Riverside Public Utilities

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

San Diego Gas & Electric

Silicon Valley Power

Southern California Edison

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