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Independence Day brings out a chance to recognize patriotic acts in our daily living. EV owners have made a deliberate and patriotic choice to move away from gasoline, taking steps to help the economy, strengthen national security, and improve air & water quality.


In July 2013 there were approximately 1,300 EVs in our region. Now there are over 7,000!


This chart shows the EV miles driven for about 260 local SacEV drivers (we have 500 on our mailing list) to July 4, 2015. Note the dramatic increase in plug-in electric vehicles from 2013 to 2015. These results do not include some 2013 respondees who have not yet updated their miles driven, so the results will be even greater.


If you're a SacEV member or friend and you drive an EV, send a message identifying all your EV brands and years, plus the lifetime electric miles for each of them to:   

president   AT


click:  2013 & 2015 SacEV Oil Independence Miles (graph & chart)


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