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Today's Electric Cars Cleaner And Tomorrow's Even....

August 10, 2013


By Max Baumhefner and Cecilia Springer of the National Resources Defense Council

Uncovering a fraud is uniquely satisfying, which is perhaps why news o

Elevator Pitch for Why Electric Cars are Greener

August 17, 2013


Numerous peer-reviewed articles conclude that electric cars are the cleanest vehicles on the road. But that doesn't stop the repeated efforts of EV deniers

How and Where Home Solar Beat the Stock Market

December 12, 2016


Solar Power Rocks rates all US States, from "F" to "A" grades on whether investments in solar arrays for home rooftops will beat the Stock Market over the next several years to decades...

Faceoff: Tesla Model X vs. 1912 Detroit Electric

February 2, 2017


Two electric cars sit atop a century-old hydroelectric dam, separated by three feet and 104 years. One is a Tesla Model X; the other a less-well-known Detroit Electric, which by virtue of its high roof also rates as a crossover. Both operate soundlessly. Both are surprisingly quick. The electric vehicle isn’t just the future, it’s the past, too.

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