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Museums and Educational Programs

As part of its mission, SacEV is working with Museums and Educational Institutions.   We've arranged for permanent EV loans to museums to enhance their EV displays. We are also beginning a partnership with local community college auto repair programs to enhance their alternative fuel curriculum. SacEV is available to display and inform at educational events in the Sacramento region. 


Please go to the Contact tab to arrange for SacEV museum and educational collaboration.



“Exciting Announcement! 

After a meeting between SacEV and the California Auto Museum, the museum has selected Electric Vehicles to be the subject of their featured exhibit opening the first quarter of 2014.  The exhibit will open in mid-February and run through mid-June. It will feature a history of Electric Vehicles, plus exhibit many of these historical electric cars themselves. The display will be packed with educational materials and displays for children and adults. 


SacEV will be working closely with California Auto Museum staff to frame the exhibit and create the strongest possible showcase for Electric Vehicles past and present. 


The project is in the early phases so please check back frequently for updates. 

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