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SMUD Electric Vehicle Event Returns in 2013


WHEN:    Friday, October 18th to Sunday, October 20th.


WHERE: Cal Expo


WHO:      Everyone is invited.


COST:    Event is part of the International Auto Show. No additional charge is required.

2012's Electric Avenue display at the Sacramento International Car Show was so successful that it will return this year, joining the main auto exhibits in the Pavilion.


With rising fuel prices, the appetite and interest to learn more about electric vehicles continues to increase. The shifting energy landscape has automakers and auto buyers thinking alike: now is the time.


Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) can help cut carbon emissions and reduce fuel costs, an appealing choice for conscientious drivers, however, there is much to consider before purchasing or leasing a new PEV. What is your standard daily driving distance, houw much electricity will you use, and what are your charging requirements? SMUD can help you determine if owning an electric vehicle is right for you.


Come visit SacEV and SMUD in their Electric Vehicle event at the Sacramento International Auto Show.


Event Coverage:  

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