SMUD Multifamily & Workplace EV Charger Rebates

Rebate for SMUD pilot grant program for EV infrastructure in Sacramento County workplaces or multi-family dwellings.



A $1,500 incentive per J1772 compatible Level 1 or Level 2 EV charger (EVSE) installation, limited to the lesser of either $9,000 rebate per customer (6 EVSE) or 75% of the total installation cost. Selection and procurement of hardware and selection, procurement, and project management of installation contractors are the responsibility of the customer receiving the rebate. Click the SMUD link to the right for the pilot program overview and application form. SMUD is planning the first round of application reviews in March. Since this pilot program has a limited budget, the earlier applications are delivered, the better.


Value to Businesses & Property Managers

A rebate for EV charging helps reduce the cost to provide infrastructure that will support employees or residents that already have EVs or plan to purchase EVs. This is also an attractive amenity considering that over 2,000 EVs are in the Sacramento region.


Goal for SMUD

Uncertainty in charging infrastructure ownership, operation and maintenance is one of the challenges that multifamily residents, as well as business/property owners (workplace), face for EV adoption. This rebate offering aims to collect usage data and build experience from multiple case studies to explore best practices and business/technology solution sets for the future multifamily and workplace markets.



CY 2015-2016: Installations and rebates for 24 workplace EVSE and 24 multifamily EVSE

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