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Sprouting LEAFs Contest

WHAT IS IT:   Here is a chance for every Nissan LEAF owner to win a $50 Gift Card, simply for giving Test Drives or Test Rides in your LEAF. Nissan has supported SacEV with a grant for 2015 and this is a perfect way to demonstrate and improve the popularity of the best selling EV in the world.


HOW TO WIN:  Keep track of every time you give a ride to a prospective EV owner or allow someone to drive your LEAF. Log the name and email or street address (only used for winner verification purposes) and email them to SacEVMedia AT (to be changed to Nissan_Contest  AT in the near future). The LEAF owner with the most Test Rides/Drives wins the prize.


BONUS:  An additional $50 gift card will be awarded at the January 2016 SacEV meeting from the pool of non-winning entries. You have another chance to win even if you only enter once during the year.


LEADERS:   Leaders will be posted at the Sprouting LEAFs link and in the "ticker tape" at the top of each page weekly. Win a prize while showing off your LEAF.


DEADLINE:  Winner chosen at every 2015 SacEV General Meeting, so there will be 6 winners of the $50 Gift Cards during 2015 (bonus winner at Jan 2016 meeting).

Sprouting LEAFs Winners


Name                            Month / Number













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