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2015 National Drive Electric Week


*Display Your Own PEV*


Do you own a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV)? Would you enjoy displaying your PEV to your neighbors? Are you enthusiastic about your purchase of a clean, green, fun, inexpensive to maintain, electric vehicle?


Please join us and show your own PEV to others so that they may come to know the enjoyment of electric drive.




Contact SacEV for Folsom Powerhouse State Park Event


Click the Contact links above to let us know that you are interested or register now!

Two Events  -  See One or Visit Both

Date:  September 12, 2015



     Davis:  Veteran's Memorial Center, 203 E 14th St., Davis, CA

Let's kick emissions to the curb! It's the first day of the American Youth Soccer Organization season and National Drive Electric Week! How will you be getting to games this fall? Come by for some fun between games and learn how you can get to Community Park, Veteran's Memorial Center, Davis High School, and the Library while keeping your carbon footprint small.

• See a variety of Electric Vehicles and talk with their owners!

• Test Drive EVs and experience how much fun it is to drive electric!

• Explore your transportation options, try out a Whymcycle, a Stand up electric bicycle, and an electric car.

• Enter to win prizes, and have tons of fun!


          Sponsored by Cool Davis, Sacramento Clean CIties, Clipper Creek, and SacEV



           Free Clipper Creek home EV charger. Details at the event

           Two Kindle e-Readers raffled off to attendees



      Folsom: Historic Powerhouse, 9980 Greenback Ln., Folsom, CA

          Spend a day by the river learning about Electric Vehicles and electricity. 

• See a variety of Electric Vehicles and talk with their owners!

• Check out about using Sunshine for Fuel

• Children's Activities

• Interactive Museum Exhibits

• Tour of the Historic Powerhouse

• Prizes

Sponsored by SMUD, Sacramento Clean Cities, Clipper Creek, and SacEV



What Did People Say About Previous Drive Electric Weeks?

“Really great way to engage and inform the public about what’s coming up in the EV segment. The more we talk to people about them now the better position we’ll be in, in the future.  From a production standpoint it was done really well.”
​Graham Enos, Downtown Ford

“For about four hours it was non-stop test drives.” Laurence Triggs, Future Nissan of Folsom
“There was a nice mix of vendors, auto dealers and private owners. Seeing the EVs lined up like high priced taxi cabs waiting for fares was fantastic.”  SMUD Employee
“Talked to many people that came just for the event... Dialed it in right."  Rick Curtis, CODA
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