This page contains a list of the PDFs we wish to make public in external emails or pages.

SMUD Video Contest

DEVA Meeting 191211

PGE Rate Graphic 

PGE Rate Graphic 1

ECO Challenge

EA Normal Toolkit




Touch A Truck

Green Apple Fair

2018 Year end

Cal State Station Map 1

Caltrans Map

e-Tron Event

e-Tron Picture

ECOS Presentation

2018 Fuel Cell Vision

2018 ZEV Action Plan Priorities Update

2020 Draft HCD MUD Bldg Code Changes

CARB MUD Building Code Analysis

180821 Frontier Report to Sac PEV Collaborative

CLIMATE CHANGE A Sac State Renaissance Society Seminar Course

2018 Sacramento Sustainable Business Awards

2018 0713 CalTrans District 3 (Sacramento) ZEV Action Plan Framework

2018 Q2 EA Report to CARB

2018 Aug Reno Meetup

2018 July SMUD Integrated Resource Plan - Scenarios Summary Report

Storage Unit

Calif Drive Green PEV Catalog

Arden Fair EVent Photos

Arden Fair EVent Report

2018 Multi-State ZEV Task Force Plans

2017 NDEW Photo 1

2017 NDEW Photo 2

Sac Raceway Photo

Tim Hastrup

RaeJean Candidate Statement

Raejean Intro Message

Membership Manager

City of Sac CEC EV Readiness Challenge Narative

City of Sac CEC EV Readiness Challenge Scope of Work

City of Sac CEC EV Readiness Challenge Schedule

City of Sac CEC EV Readiness Challenge Budget

Tahoe Poker Run Map

Tahoe Poker Run PR

Monterey HS Map

Passenger Van Workshp

GFO 17-604 NOPA


New EAA Membership

180228 DER Event

180309 Lunch and Learn 

Reno Electric Transportation Forum

2017 Year End Market

180110 SacEV Meeting

EV Corridor Planning in the Western US

Share your EV story

Sac Parking Program Change

2017 Year In Review

SMUD Testimonials

Lloyd Levine Interview


EV Counts

Electrify America - CA ZEV Plan Cycle 1

171122 CA Bld Code Changes

171122 EV Match

171000 Manhood Development Program

171020 IAS Final Report

171100 Sacramento Magazine Article

171022 Market Update

171020 IAS

Are We Making A Difference

171010 August DEVA

171010 Cruise Fest Report

171002 Cruise Fest Promo

170930 Elk Grove SacEV Report

170930 Elk Grove CAT Report

170916 Davis NDEW Report

170926 Introducing Katrina Sutton

170913 SacEV General Meeting

170913 Workhorse Electric Pickup Speaker Text

170500 Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030 (RethinkX Seba)

Guy Hall Image 1

Guy Hall Image 2